The Return of the Mask.

Another bad night for The Taliband


Rp<. ecap: Another bad night for the Taliband.

p<. Once again acting on the advice of her mystery informant, Black Justice and the Hedgehog make another foray into the crime ridden neighborhood of Northside. They stop at Junkers to gather some info and some liquid courage.

p<. Meanwhile The Capacitor, unsure about how to proceed in his new life of fighting crime, decides on the classic “patrol the drug ridden neighborhood looking for trouble” strategy made popular by many previous (and some predeceased) masked vigilantes.

p<. And who should he run into but The Ghost Killer, who is in the process of administering a hardcore street justice to an unfortunate mugger. They scuffle, The Capacitor becoming enraged when the Killer tries some of that “cheap Kung Fu shit” on him. Their fight leads then around a corner, into an alley, and smack dab into the Hedghog and Black Justice as they tunnel up next to the address That Justice found in her briefcase, a place they have learned is a safe house for the Taliband. A tense standoff is interrupted by the gang members who have been alerted by the fight between Ghost Killer and Capacitor on their doorstep.

p<. The heroes soon put their differences aside and quickly dispatch the gangstas. Ghost Killer is baffled by the actions of the others and disappears. Justice places a quick call to the city cops and repairs with the Hedgehog and The Capacitor to nearby Spring Grove Cemetery to discuss working together more in the future.p.

p<. Aftermath: A new Super Group? what exactly do Justice, Hog and Cap talk about amongst the headstones of the Queen City’s founders? Will the city cops be successful in prosecuting any of these mopes?

p<. What are your characters short term plans? Lets make use of the “Comments” section of Obsidian Portal to get some discussion going…





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