The Return of the Mask.


Episode 3

Episode 4 Firebugs!

Episode three opens with a recap of last weeks meeting at Spring Grove Cemetary. There, Black Justice, the Capacitor and the Hedgehog came to a working agreement involving code words and beepers. The Ghost Killer followed Justice and the Hog to the judge’s car, making note of it if he saw it in the neighborhood again.

p<. Which he does a week later! The Judge has found another tipoff from her mysterious informant! This time its merely an address in Northside, and “the roof at midnight”. The Capacitor is notified and the Killer tags along as our heroes investigate a two story working class apartment building in the “nicer” area of Northside. There, on the roof, they surprise a pair of masked criminals in the middle of activating a firebomb! Both groups are confused by the sudden reappearance of their masked counterparts, but quickly remember how knifey-spooney is played, and a fight breaks out.

p<. The villains, calling each other “Blackjack” and “Deadman’s Hand” put up a short fight, but are quickly knocked off the roof by the strength of the Hedgehog. The Ghost Killer, who appears to have been a veteran, indicates that the bomb will probably go off if its messed with, so the heroes do their best to evacuate the buildings inhabitants before it explodes, while Black Justice tries to find a setting on her gun that will allow her to muffle the explosion.

The bomb explodes, the building is engulfed in flames! Our heroes, especially The Capacitor, risk life and limb to rescue the trapped families! The Fire Chief himself arrives and dives into the inferno! There, he briefly meets the Capacitor who notices the chief’s peculiar lack of …flammability…

p<. Who are these masked villians? Who is tipping off Black Justice? How many other potential Heroes are there among the population? Tune in next week to maybe have some of these questions asked again!



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